December 7, 2012

Healthy Writer's Club: The Love Doctor

Thank you Shallee McArthur for hosting!

My butt has been in a chair all week and it barely moved. I had great intentions. I really did. I went for a couple of walks with the dogs, but that's about it. I guess this is where I should start making excuses, right? Well, you've already heard them all, I'm sure, so I'll move on.

Have you ever heard of Leo Buscaglia? He wrote many books on love. In fact, he was called the Love Doctor and even taught a very popular non-credit class called Love 1A at USC. Strange, huh? And yet he had students clamoring to take his class.

I've read most of his books and am always inspired by what he had to say. Check this out:

You know, I love to walk in an elevator and turn around with my back to the door! And I look at everybody and I say, "Hi! Wouldn't it be marvelous if the elevator got stuck and we could all get to know each other?" And then an incredible thing happens. The door opens on the next floor and everybody gets off! "There's a crazy man in the elevator. He wants to know us!"
Leo F. Buscaglia, Ph.D

I probably would have been the first person out of that elevator, I'm not gonna lie! But he had a point. Six people ride in an elevator and don't speak, eyes up front. One person gets off, another gets on, turns around with eyes up front. Like Zombies.

I'm sure we're missing out on knowing a lot of awesome people because we distance ourselves. And I'm the worst. I'm quiet and introverted. But I'm working on it.

What are you working on?


Anonymous said...

I went to a small, liberal arts Christian college. Once while riding the elevator, the doors opened to the sociology professor standing in front of the elevator giving all of us inside the finger. Yes, that finger. We were shocked. After he got in and the doors closed, he turned and faced us and proceeded to give us a lesson in social mores and elevators. Not quite the great Leo. But a lesson that stuck.

Morgan said...

It depends on my mood... sometimes I'm introverted, and sometimes I'll do or say anything! But I think you're right--I do think we miss out a lot of the time by distancing ourselves.

Gwen Gardner said...

Julie, that's funny. Was he advocating flipping the bird as part of his social mores?

Morgan, it depends on my mood, too. But I am getting ever so much better at being friendly :)

Anonymous said...

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