August 31, 2012

How Important Is Age-Defying To You?

Fountain of Youth by Lucas Cranach the Elder
What do you all think about this age-defying, anti-wrinkle world we now live in?

Of course, people have been searching for the fountain of youth for time immemorial. Even though realizing that's not a reality, some people go to great lengths to "appear" youthful.
You know, taking care of yourself and looking the best you can is admirable.

But when did age become such a bad thing? So bad that you have to, or are compelled to, "defy" it? At one time, age was respected and admired. It meant wisdom. You earned your wrinkles.

Plastic surgeons and pharmaceuticals are making a bundle because we're not comfortable in our own skin.

I don't mind saying that I really don't care about my wrinkles! Sure, I wouldn't mind looking youthful again, but I don't want to go back. It's just not that important to me.

Am I a freak of nature because I don't care?

How do you all feel about winkles and age-defying beauty products?

August 23, 2012

We Are Here, We Are Here, We Are Here!

Oscar Pistorius
"I complained that I had no shoes,
until I met a man who had no feet"
Indian Proverb
 And by "we" I really mean me!

I haven't gone anywhere, I've just been hanging over at my new digs, Gwen Gardner, YA Author.

If you haven't been by yet, please drop in. Lots of exciting stuff is going on over there!

So here I am at Run Gwen, Run! It feels good to be back. I've been wondering what to do with this blog. I really do love it here. But I've been wondering if all my writer friends will continue stopping by since I moved. But then I thought, writer's want to be healthy too! They need motivation and inspiration to be healthy, mind, body and soul.

I've struggled with health issues for a while, but the biggest problem I have is weight related. And so this month I've made the committment to move more and eat less.

I've set small goals so as not to give myself an impossible task. So far, it's going great! My goal for this month is to lose ten pounds. I'm really close!

How are you all doing?
Need inspiration?
You might find something on my Inspiration page above.