June 3, 2011

Naming Crystal's Abode - I Won!

I'm the winner! Me!! I took part in Crystal Cheverie's blogfest for the naming of her new bachelorette pad, and I actually won!!! Crystal is 35,000 words into her WIP and will be finished in July, before she starts her revisions. She just HAD to name her writing space before she finishes, right?.

And the new name, you ask???? *drumroll please*  The Chronicler Cave. She tends to choose basement type dwellings, for which you can come up with some awesome names for. Some of the initial names I came up with, well.....never mind. And, uh, it didn't really mean that I picked the best name, because she actually picked the name out of a hat.  BUT I WON!! Now I have to choose my prize: $10 Amazon card, $10 itunes card, or the book Naming the World. Is that your book Crystal? If so, I'll take an autographed copy of that!

If you get a chance, check out Crystal's awesome blog at Little Bundle of Contradictions.

Thank you, Crystal. It was totally fun thinking up names for you.

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