January 2, 2012

The Next Chapter

Looking back on 2011, it was a pretty awesome year.

I accomplished two main goals to go along with my blog theme, Running and Writing:

1.  I ran my first half marathon,
2.  I finished the first draft of my first novel.

For me, these accomplishments are huge. In my younger days, I would never have dreamed that I would do either of these things. I didn't learn until later in life that I had options. Somewhere along the line, a light went off. Realizations and epiphanies occurred. With my husband's encouragement, I went to college and graduated (Class of 2001) with a degree in English at 41. People always asked, "Are you going to be a teacher?" The answer was always, "No, I want to write."

I am a slow starter! I didn't start writing until 2009, again, encouraged by my husband. Something happens when you're pushing 50 and you realize that the time is NOW! I made a lot of changes. Quit a good, stable job. Moved out of state and bought a home in the mountains. It was the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

So what's the Next Chapter?

Here are my goals for 2012:

1.  Finish editing and publish my novel,
2.  Complete the first draft of my next novel,
3.  Run another half marathon,
4.  Exercise, lose weight, get healthy.
5.  Travel!

2012 is going to be a great year! I can feel it - the forward momentum, the positive energy, the right people at the right time will be in the right places to help me achieve my goals. Ever get that feeling that things are unfolding as they should?

What are your goals for 2012? Are you a runner? Or a writer? How did you get started in either?


Trisha Leaver said...

Sounds like you had an amazing year and 2012 is primed to be just as fantastic for you. Happy New Year Good luck with the revisions and new WIP.

Cheree said...

Those are fantastic achievements. I can never picture myself running a half marathon, but writing a full novel is also like a marathon in a way. I hope you achieve your 2012 goals.

Sarah Pearson said...

I want to say 'I'm a runner not a writer' just because it's funny - but really, it's the other way round :-)

Lady Gwen said...

Trisha, 2011 was awesome and 2012 is going to be even better!

Cheree, trust me. If I can run a half marathon, anyone can! And you're right, writing a novel is like a full marathon, lol:)

Sarah, LOL!

Claire Hennessy said...

Oh I am so with you on the not getting started until later in life. I will be 50 this year too (yikes!). Congrats on the running (you're on your own there) but I am hoping to be with you on the finshing the book and publishing. Maybe we can help each other along the way (although I've already taken Brad and George, I'm afraid!) :)

MorningAJ said...

Congratulations on the achievements! I'll write alongside you - but I'll just wait at the finish line with a cold drink when it comes to running, if that's OK with you. :)

Jarmara Falconer said...

Wow, I too started writing late in life. After leaving school with no qualifications, i.e couldn't spell to save my life and had no understanding on what or how English Grammar worked. I worked in dead end jobs to pay my way in life for myself and my young son. By the time, I hit forty and meet a wonderful man who turned my life around, though we weren't any wealthy we were happy. I decided that it was time to prove to myself anything is possible if you believe in it enough. So I decided to get something in print by the time I hit fifty. I've always loved reading and so I started by teaching myself English Grammar from books and sitting at my computer writing short stories which my new husband would read through with me. Now at the grand age of fifty-two I've had seven articles published, compeleted two novel, yet to be published, one short story in print and two more accpeted for publication.

Anything is possble if you keep believe so now I'm out to see if I can buy a new car by my writing this year.
Happy New Year, Lady Gwen.

Caitlin said...

I am about as far from a runner as you could get! I enjoy walking but haven't jogged since high school.

But you've got some great goals for 2012! Looks like it's going to be a great year for you.

meradeth said...

Congrats on your 2011! I hope 2012 is great! Someday I keep telling myself I'll run a 1/2 marathon, someday! (Or so I tell myself!)

Lady Gwen said...

Claire and Jarmara - We can be The Golden Girls! We're proof that you're never too old, right?! I'll be keeping in touch with you two :)

Lady Gwen said...

AJ - I love pit crews - especially those who are waiting with drinks, lol! Thanks for commenting:)

Meradeth, I told myself the same thing - and "someday" finally came:)

Lenny Lee* said...

hi lady gwen! wow its cool that you got such big goals done from last year. hooray for you!!! i hope you get all your goals for this year done. mostly im a writer and a reader and not so much a runner.
...smiles from lenny

Jarmara Falconer said...

Hi Lady Gwen, My Follower button is on the right hand side of my blog listed under Companions of the Nightwriter... If you join me on my journey you will be my 101 follower.

My very best wishes to you.
Please do keep in touch.

Lauren F. Boyd said...

Hi, Gwen! Many congrats on your accomplishments! It always feels great to do things that we set our minds on, no matter how long it might take. Keep up the good work!

And many thanks for commenting on my blog today. It's great to see you! I just tried to respond but Blogger still isn't letting me reply to comments. So I'll just tell you here that I really appreciate what you had to say and I agree with your line of thinking. It will be interesting to see what the publishing houses do next!

Take care, and thanks again!

Lady Gwen said...

Lenny, I love your style! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Jamara, I think the Blogger follower button doesn't work half the time. I hit refresh over and over and it doesn't do much good - some days it works, some days it doesn't!

Lauren, thanks for stopping by - darn Blogger always has problems!!!

Lady Gwen said...

Caitlin - just realized I didn't respond. I'm a terrible blogger lately - it's a juggling act, you know? Not everybody is a runner. I do it because to me, it's easier than working out. I hate working out, lol!