April 24, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

Well you don't see this very often. Me, posting twice in one day. So it must be important, right?

It is.

Very Important.

Spring has finally sprung in the Rockies!

This is how I know:

I found three crocuses this morning, in full bloom.
It's the first sign of Spring.
We might see one or two a year, but they don't last long, because the deer or squirrels get them.
And sometimes a freak snowstorm, but we won't talk about that right now. This is a cup half full kind of day.

The weather is awesome. The high for today is 75 degrees.

Cactus Joe went outside for the first time since last summer.

Our windows are open!

The aspen are starting to bud.

I'm wearing short sleeves and flip flops.
Okay not the flip flops. 
It's too hard to walk in the woods with flip flops.
But my point is that I could if I wanted to.

Koko and Tuffy are eating grass at the local salad bar.

And having a marking war with our resident fox.

We're watching for signs of bear.

They pounce on trees and pull them apart looking for grubs.

It's totally a peanut-butter-and-jelly,
iced-tea-with-bendy-straw kind of day.

How is your Spring coming along?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Summer is already threatening to take over here. And you have bear come close to the house? Spooky.

Lady Gwen said...

Alex, yes we have bear and mountain lion and all sorts of critters!

JEFritz said...

What pretty flowers. Over here we've been having one week that's warm, another that's cold and rainy...the weather really can't make up its mind. I'm glad we don't have to worry about bears, though.

S.P. Bowers said...

Full summer here, though we had a bit of a cold front yesterday. I love crocus! I miss them so much, they don't grow well here as there isn't any winter.

Sharon Bayliss said...

Sounds lovely! Spring in Texas is going full blast but slowly becoming summer. I'm trying to enjoy being outside while I can still without my skin blistering.

Jolene Perry said...

I'm ALMOST in short sleeves... ALMOST...

Clarissa Draper said...

It's nearing the forties here. Which is about 115+ in the US. Hot, hot, hot. However, I'm excited about your spring. Wish we had it like that.

meradeth said...

Love the pics! Glad to hear spring is reaching you :) We're just past the cherry-blossom blooming here in Japan, and I'm sad to see it go. It's such a wonderful time of year. But everything else is just so bright green--I love it!

Rachel Morgan said...

No wonder cactus Joe is looking in need of a tan! That's a long time to be stuck inside!

It's autumn/winter here, so starting to bring out the warm clothes and shoes!

Joyce Lansky said...

Spring is great, but I am so ready for summer... or rather summer vacation.

Catch My Words

Lady Gwen said...

JE, it's the same here. The weather changes from one day to the next.

SP, is winter the key to crocus? Must be some kind of "Perfect Storm" situation where conditions have to be just right. But it's very inspiring to see pop up. We've made a game out of it - who can find the most. This is a record year: 5 to 2 in my favor!

Sharon, I've heard it gets really hot in Texas! In my experience, hot weather states have awesome sunsets!

Jolene, the short sleeves only lasted about 2 days!

Clarissa, mamma mia, that's HOT! My mom lives in Fort Mohave, and she's having the same kind of weather.

Meradeth, lucky you! Seeing the cherry blossoms in Japan is on my bucket list:)

Rachel, when I think South Africa, I think hot! Does it get really hot where you live?

Joyce, thats right! You're a teacher so you have the summer off, don't you?

Michelle Pickett said...

I love the first day of the year that you can open your window and feel the cool, fresh spring air. It smells so good.

It's summer in Texas already. In the mid 80s and humid where I am.

I miss spring - we jumped right over it.

Michelle :)

The Golden Eagle said...

Great pictures! :)

It went into the 80s F and then back down into the 30s this past April--now it seems to be slowly warming back up again.

Julie Musil said...

Oh how beautiful! Looks like you live in a natural paradise.

It's beautiful here in So Cal, and we took the bikes out for a long ride today :)

Lady Gwen said...

Michelle, open windows are the best!

Golden, I'm very much looking forward to summer.

Julie, yes - it's gorgeous here. I'm from So Cal, there's nothing like riding bikes at the beach!

Claire Hennessy said...

Ahh I love spring - always seems so full of hope and everyone's mood lightens. Course, California doesn't really get winter so it's more a permanent spring! Glad you are having a good day :)