August 31, 2011

Book Cover Design Contest

Here's a fun little contest that I joined over at Teralyn Pilgrim's blog site, A Writer's Journey. The object is to design a book cover and post it on your site on August 31st. with a link to her site.

Then go over to Teralyn's site, scroll down to the linky thingy and visit each contestant to see their book cover design. Once you've seen them all, go back to the linky list and vote for your favorite covers by clicking "like" next to the three covers you like best.

Come back on September 7th to see who the winners are! (BTW, you don't have to be a contestant to vote - everyone can vote. So please go to the polling station and vote!)

Simple, right?

You'd think so, except for the anally-inclined. Yes, I'm talking about me. I knew exactly what I had in mind and spent hours (and hours, and hours) looking for the pictures I had in mind. And couldn't find what I wanted! *sigh* Because what I really wanted would have to be done professionally....after a book deal....and a movie deal. *sigh*

Well, I always do have to make things harder than they really are!

Anyway, once I came back down to earth, it was rather easy. I made use of what I had (I mean skill-wise) and this is what I came up with. I really sorta like it, imperfect as it is!

Now traditionally, the blogsites with the most followers wins these things, so here are the official rules according to Teralyn:


  • People with the most followers on their blog always win these contests. It takes all the fun out of it. Please be fair and vote for ones that deserve it.
  • Don't open an entry or vote on one just because it has a lot of likes; that's not fair either.
  • Don't vote for yourself three times. That's just sad.
Let the Games begin!

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