August 26, 2011

Caution: Blogfest Ahead!!!

Here is the second warning notification of my upcoming Blogoversary and planned Blogfest in September.

My first blogoversary is in 15 days! This past blogging year has gone by so fast and I’ve really had a lot fun doing it. So to celebrate, I am going to host my very first Blogfest:

The Judge and Jury Blogfest

All Rise! The Judge (me) enters the courtroom. My Jury consists of the first twelve (12) bloggers to sign up for this Blogfest. Now – Round Up the Usual Suspects and we’ll have a trial!

Everyone who enters the Blogfest is a Suspect (including the Jury – they’re not getting off with a slap on the wrist. But not me – cuz I’m Da Judge). The Jury will vote on the Suspect guilty of writing the best defense scene. Any tie votes will be decided by the Judge.


Every Suspect (remember, this includes the Jury) must write a short defense scene in 300 words or less (a short intro to the scene is acceptable). It can be about anything legal or illegal, minor or major. A stolen kiss, cheating, robbery – even murder! It does not have to involve the law or court. Feel like sharing a scene from your manuscript? Cool! Or maybe a scene from a short story you’ve written? Awesome! It only has to be a scene where someone defends themselves against something.


  • The blogfest will run from Monday, September 5 – Saturday, September 10
  •  At 12:01am Monday, September 5, a linky tool will go live on Run Gwen, Run! 
  • Post your entry on your blog and then add a direct link to your post to the linky tool on my blog before 11:59 p.m. September 10th 
  • Come back on Wednesday, September 14 to see the six finalists (chosen by the Jury), and then again on Saturday, September 17 to see the winners!
  • All genres and forms are welcome.

·    Copy the Judge and Jury badge and post it as a link to the sidebar of your blog
·    Tell all your blogger friends about the blogfest
·    Go to the other contestant’s blogs and give them some comment love during the challenge week 9/5 – 9/10.


·    Each of the 12 Jurors will receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card since serving on the Jury is compulsory (According to the Judge, this should in no way be construed as a bribe!)
·    A $10 Amazon Gift Card booby prize will be awarded randomly to a new follower – I’ve already picked out the Follower’s number. You may already be a winner!
·    Third place prize is a $5 Amazon Gift Card
·    Second place prize is a $10 Amazon Gift Card
·    FIRST PRIZE is a $15 Amazon Gift Card


*Dramatic courtroom music plays – the kind from the old black and white movies*

I am Guilty. I mean really, really, really, Guilty...of wanting more Followers. I have 35 of the dearest Followers right now, but for this blogfest to be really successful, I need more. More, more, more. So I’m throwing myself on the mercy of the blogger court. Please spread the word to your other blogger friends about this blogfest, and if they have as much fun as I’m hoping, maybe they’ll Follow me!

Whew! I feel lighter already. Confession really is good for the soul.

PLEASE leave a comment to let me know your thoughts! It’s my very first time hosting a Blogfest, so any advice is welcome.


Lady Gwen said...

Hello Jury!! We're nearing the end of this trial - it's been a long haul, but thanks for hanging in there. If you could all please email me your top 6 defense scenes by 10/4 ( I will post the 6 semi-finalists on 10/5. Then from the 6 semi-finalists you will vote on your top 3 by 10/9 for a 10/10 post of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners! Thank you so much everyone for participating!

Trisha said...

New follower! This does sound like a really fun blogfest. Do we just sign up by leaving a comment here??

Anonymous said...

Hi Trisha, thanks for following! My post with the linky-thingy will go up at midnight tonight. Obviously you don't have to sign up at midnight, LOL, but I hope you come back in the morning to sign up! The first 12 to sign up will be my paid jurors. It should be pretty fun :) (not at my computer, so I'm posting as anonymous)

lindy said...

Hi Gwen! Fellow campaigner here. I can't wait to see what your 'jurors' come up with--super cute idea for a birthday blogbash!

Lady Gwen said...

Lindy, it's nice to meet you! I hope you come back to join the blogfest!