August 8, 2011

I Won The Liebster Blog Award!

Can you believe it?! I just received my first blog award! YAY!!! Gosh, have I put in enough exclamation points?! Should I be showing and not telling?! Forget it! I can’t think (or write, apparently) when I’m tongue tied! *jumps up and down, does happy dance*

Okay, now that I'm settled down, here is how it happened. Sharon Bayliss, over at The Blue Word blog, awarded me the Liebster Blog Award. According to my husband, who is a German linguist, it means, “Favorite” Blog. It is awarded to bloggers who have less than 200 Followers. This award spreads the word about new bloggers and gives us all a chance to know more about each other. I’m sure once people get sight of my shiny new Liebster Blog Award in my sidebar, I’ll have a lot more Followers to interact with. Yay!

Thank you, Sharon! You made my day! (I know, more exclamation points).

Now that I am a Liebster Blog winner (have I said that enough times yet?), I have the difficult task of awarding the Liebster to five of my favorite blogs. I say “difficult”, because I have so many favorites. But here it goes: *drumroll, please*

Crystal over at Little Bundle of Contradictions.
Crystal is a YA fiction writer very cleverly disguised as a medical transcriptionist. (I plagiarized that from her profile.) Check out her Sisterhood of the Dawn excerpts.

Heidi Windmiller at ...then She Writes
Heidi writes science fiction and YA fiction. If you go over there now, she has some pretty good advice.

Teralyn Pilgrim at A Writer’s Journey
Teralyn writes historical and mainstream fiction. A prolific blogger and very entertaining.

Cheryl at Kangaroos of the Scrubby Brush
Cheryl writes about preserving the bush and kangaroos. Check out her stories about Merrilyn and poor Bob.

Steph at Word by Word
Steph writes urban and YA fantasy. Her latest blog was very intriguing...but she’s keeping us waiting.

Okay, I knew I couldn’t keep it down to five. And even though they don’t blog often, I have to award two of my running and fitness friends with Liebster Blog Awards. Because they are always inspiring...

Tamara at Busy Mom, Healthy Life

Running Girl at Running-girl’s Reflections

Congratulations to the winners! So now just copy the Liebster Blog and paste it into your sidebar. Then go out there and spread the love yourself. Please link back to my blog from yours and pass on the Liebster Blog Award to five of your favorites!

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