May 23, 2011

Dozer the Dog Crashes Half-Marathon

Article first published as Dozer the Dog Crashes Half-Marathon on Technorati.

Dozer the dog crashed the Maryland Half Marathon held in Howard County Maryland, last Sunday,May 15, 2011, unbeknownst to his owners. Seeing the 2000+ participants run past his house around the five mile mark was just too much for him. He broke through the invisible fence and joined the fray.
The Goldendoodle crossed the finish line (See Dozer Crossing the Finish Line) after several stops at water stations, completing the final eight miles of the race in only 2:14:24. Not too bad for a 3-year-old with little experience.
Dozer received a finisher’s medal and hopes to compete in next year’s race, with permission from his parents. Next time he’ll be wearing a bib with a special number just for him - “K9.”

Dozer made his way home on Monday to his worried owners with sore paws and a bit tired. After a precautionary trip to the vet, he was pronounced fit.

The race benefits the University of Maryland’s Greenbaum Cancer Center.  Dozer liked running the half marathon so much, that now he has his own cancer research fundraising page at Dozer's Fundraising Site. So far, he’s raised nearly $1900.00.

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