May 30, 2011

Running from the Shin Splints (alias: S.S.)

The S.S.
The Shin Splints, aka S.S. are always trailing me, lurking around corners, trying to grab me, trip me up, slow me down.  I constantly have to stay one step ahead, outmaneuvering them at every turn.  I am always on the run, hiding from the S.S.
If I run outside, they harass me, attack me, assault me.  I shake them off and keep running.  I can tell that sometimes they think I don’t know they’re there, but I can feel them.  When they’re around, I have to tread lightly.  I knew they were going to catch up with me at some point, so I made a plan.
Two weeks before the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, I knew I had to get ready. So I cut back on my mileage and rested, relaxed, put my feet up.  I ran shorter miles. 
And I have a top secret weapon that the S.S. doesn’t know about: the treadmill!!! Uh huh, you heard me right. Treadmills have shocks, bounce, give!!!  It’s what’s been saving me the entire time I’ve been on the run, incognito, in hiding. I owe it a huge debt. It has helped me to escape the S.S. many times.
On the day of The Big Run, I’ll be down the road before the evil S.S. are even awake.  I’ll be across the finish line and half-way through my free beer before the S.S. realizes I’ve made it to safety. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

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