May 18, 2011

Running Conversations With Myself

When runners are running, they have nothing to do but think. About all kinds of things! Some people think about work, family, relationships, bills, money.

It’s amazing the things I think about when I’m running. Like, who says 51 is old?! When I see a patch of bright green grass, it still makes me want to do a cartwheel. When I hear good music, I still want to dance. When I accomplish a goal, I still want to celebrate. My heart is TOTALLY in it. Unfortunately, my body doesn’t always cooperate. But I still want to try...

Mile One

Me#1:     How come I’m tired after only ¼ mile?
Me#2:     I think you didn’t warm up enough – you know,  enough to expand your lungs?
Me#1:     Yeah, you’re probably right. I only do a ¼ mile warm up to begin with. I don’t want to warm up too much though, cuz then I’ll be too tired for my run, you know?
Me#2:     Yeah, right.

Mile Two

Me#1:     I’m really sweating, should I be sweating this much?
Me#2:     Yes. You’re running – when you run, you sweat.

Mile Three

Me#1:     I’m really tired - I might need to walk a little bit.
Me#2:     No, keep going. It’s okay to be tired. When you run, you’re meant to get tired.
Me#1:     Bitch.
Me#2:     What?
Me#1:     Nothing.

Mile Four

Me#2:     I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down. Pissing the night away...
Me#1:     I like that song.
Me#2:     Me, too.

Mile Five

Me#1:     Do you think I’m too old to do a cartwheel?
Me#2:     *sigh* Yes.
Me#1:     But I want to. I want to do a cartwheel at the finish line when I do the half marathon. To celebrate.
Me#2:     You haven’t practiced doing cartwheels and if you start practicing two weeks before the run, you’ll probably pull a groin muscle and won’t be able to run at all.
Me#1:     I suppose you think when I get to the finish line I should do one of those old lady cartwheels, with my knees bent and my butt in the air?
Me#2:     *sigh* I don’t think you should do it at all, but if you want to make a fool of yourself, go ahead.
Me#1:     Bitch.
Me#2:     What?
Me#1:     Nothing. What about dancing? Do you think it would be alright if I dance at the finish line?
Me#2:     *sigh* IF the band is still playing by the time you get there.
Me#1:     Bitch.
Me#2:     What?
Me#1:     Nothing.

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