May 3, 2012

Meditation - Day 2 - Tin Man, The Grinch & Whoville

Welcome to Day 2 of Meditation for a Month, hosted by Jodi Chapman at Soul Speak.

Today's meditation didn't go so well, but at least I sat quietly with my eyes closed.

For some reason, my imagination just ran wild. Totally out of control.

Here's how it went:

I chose a 20 minute guided meditation from the Spirit of Angels CD called Heart Centering. 

First, three minutes into it I wondered if I was listening to the meditation from yesterday, because it started out the same. Sat forward. Checked CD. Restarted CD.  

Guided to imagine healing energy going through the top of my head, forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, throat, chest. The guide said to imagine an instance of unconditional love. No problem, it's all good.

Guided to move down to the heart and feel the unconditional love. Okay, still good.

And then, the guide says to focus on my heart. This is where the problem came in. We all know what a heart looks like. You know that thing that comes inside the turkey every thanksgiving? Yeah.

So then the next thing to come to my mind was the tin man. You know all the poor dude ever wanted was a heart.

The wizard finally gave him one on a chain. Uh huh. I'm coming up with some vivid imagery here when I'm supposed to be concentrating.

And then, the guide says to imagine my heart growing and enlarging with all the love I'm feeling.

Yeah. Shades of the Grinch. His heart grew three times as large that special day when he learned to love.

Then the guide says to imagine the love growing, enlarging, spreading an area as big as a city! Seriously? Don't make me go there!

Yeah, here comes Whoville and the Grinch looking down that big mountain with his oversized heart nearly beating through his chest.

At first I thought I'd re-do this same meditation on Day 3 and try to get a better result. But I'm pretty sure it's too late for that...

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Claire Hennessy said...

Ha ha this was funny. Isn't it weird where our minds go. But at least you sat and attempted to meditate. My Buddhist nun sister says it is really good just to have an intention to meditate, even if it is only a few mins of imperfect monkey mind chatter (or in your case, enormous ever-growing heart imagery!).

Lady Gwen said...

Claire, I do have intention, so that's in my favor. How interesting, a Buddhist nun sister. I'd love to learn more about Buddhism.

Nadja Notariani said...

I've practiced some meditative yoga and encountered the same problems. Too much association! Ha! And of course...those factions I mentioned for ISWG...they all start their yammering...especially that Harridan of Hilarity. I can't keep still and serious with her shenannigans.

Better luck tomorrow, Gwen!