May 4, 2012

Meditation Day 4 - A Warm Tongue

Just a quick post as it's Friday!

It's Day 4 of Month of Meditation over at Soul Speak, hosted by Jodie Chapman.

Here's how it went:

I listened to the flipside of Guided Meditation from Brain Sync. I didn't know when I started that it was going to be music only. So after about five minutes I tried to remember the guided meditation from yesterday. It was relaxing and I was able to go at my own pace and move on when I felt like it.

Again, the meandering grassy path, perfect weather, soft breeze, sunflowers of all colors and sizes.

The warm, healing pool of water, the comfy bed, the golden healing light coming down in columns.

A warm tongue licking my feet....

Mind out of the gutter, please!

My dog Tuffy must have been attracted to all the white light I surrounded myself with!

If you want a good laugh, go read Crazy California Claire's Day 4 of meditation. It's hilarious!

To view how other's experienced Day 4, go HERE.


Tonja said...

Meditation sounds perfect. Except for the warm tongue.

Lady Gwen said...

Tonja, my dog probably wondered what the heck I was doing, lol!